Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Bean family update!

We have officially applied for base of preference orders but don't get your hopes up just yet folks. We were given a 4-16 week window for an official approval or denial. If we are approved we will probably not report to our next station for another 4-6 months which means another winter in North Dakota so lets pray for a mild winter like last year! On a side note if we are denied base of preference orders we will be headed home to Virginia for good in August 2013 as Bryan will not be reinlisting to stay in North Dakota, we have served our time.

Coleman and I have been in Virginia since September 7th and are going to be headed back on October 4th to the tundra where his Daddy is missing him something terrible. Our visit has been a very good one, we got to see alot of friends and family and were able to be here when my Grandaddy passed and to lay him to rest after a long struggle and much suffering :( We welcomed my cousin Aimee's second baby Brody Lee yesterday and can't wait to meet the little guy. So glad Coleman will have so many cousins so close to his age just as I did growing up!

Anywho off to another busy day, enjoy the update. Its kinda good news! lol! Stepping in the right direction at least.

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