Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Bean family update!

We have officially applied for base of preference orders but don't get your hopes up just yet folks. We were given a 4-16 week window for an official approval or denial. If we are approved we will probably not report to our next station for another 4-6 months which means another winter in North Dakota so lets pray for a mild winter like last year! On a side note if we are denied base of preference orders we will be headed home to Virginia for good in August 2013 as Bryan will not be reinlisting to stay in North Dakota, we have served our time.

Coleman and I have been in Virginia since September 7th and are going to be headed back on October 4th to the tundra where his Daddy is missing him something terrible. Our visit has been a very good one, we got to see alot of friends and family and were able to be here when my Grandaddy passed and to lay him to rest after a long struggle and much suffering :( We welcomed my cousin Aimee's second baby Brody Lee yesterday and can't wait to meet the little guy. So glad Coleman will have so many cousins so close to his age just as I did growing up!

Anywho off to another busy day, enjoy the update. Its kinda good news! lol! Stepping in the right direction at least.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Way to long again...

Hey there folks! Again long time no talk! So many things have changed and gone down the toilet since my last post! lol!

First off, Coleman is officially 1 and has been walking like a crazy man since the day before Father's Day! What a gift for Daddy right?? His first birthday party was a huge success and his 1 year pictures by My Lil Britches Photography are absolutely darling. Will share at the end of this post!

Coleman's 1st Birthday Party:

My friend Amanda who I used to watch daycare kids for 2 times a week just welcomed her 4th little one on August 1st! Her name is Sophie and she is super cute, we look forward to meeting her tomorrow :)

The Thirty One business is going great! I enjoy the products so much and have made many friends and reconnected with old friends through my business! I am terribly excited about the new catalog launch on September 1st, this may be the best catalog yet!

Our trip to VA in June was cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances. We postponed our trip because we thought we were going to be able to apply for order in July which meant we could have been leaving North Dakota in just a few short months so we didn't want to spend money unnecessarily. Well July came and went and we found out that we were unable to apply for orders until September but it was just too late with Coleman's birthday right around the corner to plan a trip to Virginia and be home to celebrate his birthday with Daddy. So with that said we will apply for orders in September and hope to have orders to a new base by the end of the year. On a side note we may potentially be getting out of the Air Force altogether within the next couple of months though, depending on a situation I am not able to talk about at the current juncture! Another possibility includes putting our house on the market at the end of September early October and Coleman, our 5 animals, and I move back to Virginia for a few months in anticipation of moving to a new base while Bryan stays here and finishes up his time in Minot before reporting to our new duty station. Basically everything is up in the air at the moment though and it will be an interesting year end, we will keep you posted as we know more and make the big decisions that are currently presenting themselves. Things change daily with the military so we have to keep rolling with the punches!

A few of Coleman's most recent Million Dollar Smiles (as we call them):

Coleman, Lucy, and I will be pulling out on September 5th with Brittani and Katelyn Smith for a short trip to Virginia for a much needed visit with our family that we haven't seen in almost 6 months now with the exception of Dad Bean who was just out to visit us for Coleman's 1st Birthday!! My Grandaddy is in this hospital after having his leg amputated a few weeks ago, we still haven't seen Baby Lucas since he was born the end of May, and honestly its just been far too long! We plan to arrive in Virginia on September 7 and will be leaving to head back on the 17th, so with that said there will be minimal time for friends this visit so I will plan a dinner so that we see everyone at least once while we are home instead of running around like crazy trying to see everyone. Family first for this visit :)

I am also very happy to report that Coleman's God Brother Landon Lund is home from the hospital after almost 5 months in the NICU at UVA and is doing great! Settling into a normal life at home with Mommy and Daddy. After a final dollar total from the hospital he is officially the Million Dollar Baby, Thank God for insurance!! We look forward to seeing him for the first time outside of the hospital when we come home in September!

Coleman's 1 Year Pictures by My Lil Britches Photography:

As much as I wish I had the opportunity to update everyone more often on everything that is going on here at home; chasing Coleman around just keeps me way too busy for that! Talk to you all again soon! Well wishes and God Bless!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

I have seriously been slacking!! Bean Family Update

So what's new in the Bean house??

Coleman will be 1 far too soon and this momma is just not ready!! I have been planning his Mickey Mouse themed birthday party and it often leaves me in disbelief, what happened to my baby?? He took three steps the other day and stands unsupported but he hasn't attempted to take anymore steps while I am looking!! Hoping to start trying for Coleman's brother or sister when he is 3, I'm a sucker for babies and I miss mine!!

I am no longer watching daycare kids twice a week for my friend Amanda and am now selling Thirty One Gifts and I just love it! So far I have held 5 parties and will be holding my 6th party today!!

I am attempting to come home to VA in June so that we can go to the beach with the Bean family from Tennessee! Hoping to save up and pull out on the 22nd of June accompanied by our old neighbor and her daughter that will be riding with us to meet up with a school trip in DC! Hoping some of my family decides to make the trip back with me and can be here for Coleman's fist birthday!! We will be in VA until July 16th!

Recently I started using an indonesian post pregnancy wrap provided to me by my good friend Cindy from back home in VA, sure hoping to loose this baby weight and I can already tell a difference in my eating habits just 5 days in! I'll keep you posted as I get skinny!!

This month has been a hard one, as I have lost two family members :(, my Aunt Mary and my cousin Kevin. Both were far too young and will be truly missed!

On a happy note we welcomed baby Lucas Michael Bowen into the family on May 25th! Coleman's first boy 1st cousin, they look very much alike and I'm sure will grow up to be great friends as well!

One more month and we can put in for orders out of Minot ND!!! This is what we have been waiting on for so long!! As we will always miss our Minot friends, we are ready for a change of scenery!! We are hoping to be stationed at Moody AFB in Georgia, close enough to home to visit more regularly!! I will keep you all posted, just two more months and our prayers may be answered!!

I also ask that you keep Landon Lund, Jenny Pearson, and Aaron Lund in your prayers and thoughts. Landon has been in the NICU for 90 days since he was born 8 weeks and 3 days premature on March 3rd, he was not due until May 6th. This little family has been through so much and Landon is such a little fighter, beating the odds medically at every corner,  he is a true miracle baby! Sadly God's plan is not always our plan and one day this little family will be rewarded for their faith and strength during this time. For those of you who do not know, Jenny is Coleman's God Mother and she holds a very special place in our hearts and in our family bc if it wasnt for her their would have never been a Bean family started in 2009 and their would be no beautiful baby Coleman to speak of! Landon is Coleman's God brother and we keep him in prayer and thoughts every day and ask that you do the very same. Donations to support Landon and his family can be made at www.littlelandonlund.com, please feel free to take a look and get more details on Landon's story!
Well toodles for now, I have a little boy in desperate need of a nap!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Odd but true!!

So on Thursday of this week I will get braces for the second time in my life! Oddly enough I am so psyched to get this process going, it's gonna be a long road but the result will be a beautiful smile!! I also have to say thank the lord for payment plans because otherwise this would not be happening right now :) So wish me luck readers bc my last braces experience was very painful!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I want my little cuddly baby back....but there is no chance of that!

Well my little man is always on the move now and I wouldn't be surprised to see him walking before he is 9 months old. Seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little baby that I brought home from the hospital!! I am sure that we don't want anymore right now or until Coleman is at least 3-4 but man I would love for him to just sit with me and cuddle which at this rate is not gonna happen. Coleman is the most independent self sufficient 8 month old that I have ever seen, he just doesn't need us for anything other than to eat and otherwise he uses us as objects to the pull himself up when there is no furniture to fit the bill! lol! Got a questionnaire in the mail today for his 9 month appointment and there is all but 3 tasks that he hasn't mastered yet which I am sure he will be able to do before he is 9 months old!! Any who just a reflection from 8 months ago and now.

8 months is a really long time come to find out!

Where has the time gone??

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Read something today, lol, my response!

Stating the truth or the obvious isn't being mean, maybe it's a cue that you need a reality check on the way you are living your life and treating the people who you love!! I hate when people are too oblivious to realize that they have caused the things that have been said about them. If you are a dead beat dad at least own up to it, if your priorities are out of order then complete a reorganization bc something isn't working, if you are a drug addict get some help such as a treatment plan, if you are depressed go see your doctor and address the issue and do something about it! Blaming others and telling people to keep their comments to themselves isn't going to help you it's just gonna allow you to pretend there isn't a problem! I am the type of person who is gonna tell you how it is so if you don't like it please remove me from your life bc I will not condone your behavior or have sympathy for you not taking the first step by helping yourself!! Thank you!! To those whom this offends my apologies but it was not intended to offend but to open some people's eyes!

My life has not been perfect, I am not perfect, my marriage isn't perfect, and my kid isn't perfect but I can take criticism and am a work in progress!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Gotta get my butt in gear!

So this mama was up at 7 and out the door at 10 and was working out at the gym at 1030 with my friend Elise, Coleman didn't seem to mind the family exercise room too much! Today starts me exercising and trying to straighten out the parts of my body that I am unhappy with since having Coleman!! I plan to go to the gym or take a run around base when it gets nice on Monday Wednesday and Friday of every week! I am also gonna have hubby be my personal trainer of sorts on Tuesday's and Thursday's for some at home exercises along with some wii fit action :) Gotta get my booty in shape bc I feel gross!! Better look into a jogging stroller!