Sunday, August 5, 2012

Way to long again...

Hey there folks! Again long time no talk! So many things have changed and gone down the toilet since my last post! lol!

First off, Coleman is officially 1 and has been walking like a crazy man since the day before Father's Day! What a gift for Daddy right?? His first birthday party was a huge success and his 1 year pictures by My Lil Britches Photography are absolutely darling. Will share at the end of this post!

Coleman's 1st Birthday Party:

My friend Amanda who I used to watch daycare kids for 2 times a week just welcomed her 4th little one on August 1st! Her name is Sophie and she is super cute, we look forward to meeting her tomorrow :)

The Thirty One business is going great! I enjoy the products so much and have made many friends and reconnected with old friends through my business! I am terribly excited about the new catalog launch on September 1st, this may be the best catalog yet!

Our trip to VA in June was cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances. We postponed our trip because we thought we were going to be able to apply for order in July which meant we could have been leaving North Dakota in just a few short months so we didn't want to spend money unnecessarily. Well July came and went and we found out that we were unable to apply for orders until September but it was just too late with Coleman's birthday right around the corner to plan a trip to Virginia and be home to celebrate his birthday with Daddy. So with that said we will apply for orders in September and hope to have orders to a new base by the end of the year. On a side note we may potentially be getting out of the Air Force altogether within the next couple of months though, depending on a situation I am not able to talk about at the current juncture! Another possibility includes putting our house on the market at the end of September early October and Coleman, our 5 animals, and I move back to Virginia for a few months in anticipation of moving to a new base while Bryan stays here and finishes up his time in Minot before reporting to our new duty station. Basically everything is up in the air at the moment though and it will be an interesting year end, we will keep you posted as we know more and make the big decisions that are currently presenting themselves. Things change daily with the military so we have to keep rolling with the punches!

A few of Coleman's most recent Million Dollar Smiles (as we call them):

Coleman, Lucy, and I will be pulling out on September 5th with Brittani and Katelyn Smith for a short trip to Virginia for a much needed visit with our family that we haven't seen in almost 6 months now with the exception of Dad Bean who was just out to visit us for Coleman's 1st Birthday!! My Grandaddy is in this hospital after having his leg amputated a few weeks ago, we still haven't seen Baby Lucas since he was born the end of May, and honestly its just been far too long! We plan to arrive in Virginia on September 7 and will be leaving to head back on the 17th, so with that said there will be minimal time for friends this visit so I will plan a dinner so that we see everyone at least once while we are home instead of running around like crazy trying to see everyone. Family first for this visit :)

I am also very happy to report that Coleman's God Brother Landon Lund is home from the hospital after almost 5 months in the NICU at UVA and is doing great! Settling into a normal life at home with Mommy and Daddy. After a final dollar total from the hospital he is officially the Million Dollar Baby, Thank God for insurance!! We look forward to seeing him for the first time outside of the hospital when we come home in September!

Coleman's 1 Year Pictures by My Lil Britches Photography:

As much as I wish I had the opportunity to update everyone more often on everything that is going on here at home; chasing Coleman around just keeps me way too busy for that! Talk to you all again soon! Well wishes and God Bless!


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