Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Read something today, lol, my response!

Stating the truth or the obvious isn't being mean, maybe it's a cue that you need a reality check on the way you are living your life and treating the people who you love!! I hate when people are too oblivious to realize that they have caused the things that have been said about them. If you are a dead beat dad at least own up to it, if your priorities are out of order then complete a reorganization bc something isn't working, if you are a drug addict get some help such as a treatment plan, if you are depressed go see your doctor and address the issue and do something about it! Blaming others and telling people to keep their comments to themselves isn't going to help you it's just gonna allow you to pretend there isn't a problem! I am the type of person who is gonna tell you how it is so if you don't like it please remove me from your life bc I will not condone your behavior or have sympathy for you not taking the first step by helping yourself!! Thank you!! To those whom this offends my apologies but it was not intended to offend but to open some people's eyes!

My life has not been perfect, I am not perfect, my marriage isn't perfect, and my kid isn't perfect but I can take criticism and am a work in progress!!

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