Saturday, April 7, 2012

I want my little cuddly baby back....but there is no chance of that!

Well my little man is always on the move now and I wouldn't be surprised to see him walking before he is 9 months old. Seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little baby that I brought home from the hospital!! I am sure that we don't want anymore right now or until Coleman is at least 3-4 but man I would love for him to just sit with me and cuddle which at this rate is not gonna happen. Coleman is the most independent self sufficient 8 month old that I have ever seen, he just doesn't need us for anything other than to eat and otherwise he uses us as objects to the pull himself up when there is no furniture to fit the bill! lol! Got a questionnaire in the mail today for his 9 month appointment and there is all but 3 tasks that he hasn't mastered yet which I am sure he will be able to do before he is 9 months old!! Any who just a reflection from 8 months ago and now.

8 months is a really long time come to find out!

Where has the time gone??

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